So you’ve always dreamt of a princess wonderland type of wedding with a different twist? Well, Pink Book teamed up with some of the most amazing Wedding suppliers in Cape Town to bring you this dreamy Enchanted Wonderland Wedding theme shoot. We drew our inspiration from the breathtaking scenery at Highberry Vineyards. Highberry Vineyards is a stunning new and upcoming Wine Farm Wedding Venue that is set in the beautiful hills of Somerset West. The Pink
A trip down the Garden route is always a pleasure, being my birth country it’s always a pleasure to shoot there and the scenic options are countless. When the bride informed me that I had all the time I needed to capture the beauty of the surrounds I knew this would be a win win situation. We had the wedding ceremony in the stunning and majestic farming town of Harold in the Langkloof valley just
When I was asked recently to shoot a family in the highveld Bush it was a no brainer… I’ve always loved the bush and being a coastal boy most of my life when I was asked it was an emphatic yes! And so, the call went out to my trusty team and our bags were packed and off we went to go capture the Van Staden family in their beautiful backyard amongst the wild animals.
Shooting in one of the biggest man gardens in Africa which is Joburg is always a treat. The venues are always beautiful, and the people are always welcoming so i never have a problem shooting here…in fact I really enjoy it. Well this wedding was one for the books…a great couple, an mind-blowing bridal prep venue in Houghton estate to the old and historic country club with majestic gardens and the stunning ceremony venue at
The one aspect I love about my job is the travel, there’s always a new venue or new location that I have never seen before, usually hidden away in the far reaches of our beautiful country. This specific weekend I found myself up on the Highveld at the stunning Venue by the Forum called ‘The White Light”. Now every venue is unique and special in its own way but this one I liked particularly as
How do you pay tribute to the spirit of a fallen friend? You gather the lads, get on your bikes and you ride a monster. One Saturday in September, 21 mountain bikers and two support vehicles with drivers and one photographer. We were there to complete some unfinished business, and to honour Doc – 47-year-old Ollie Raynham, a fallen friend. The Tour de Doc, a four day adventure in the Cederberg and Tankwa Karoo, was
A Dream Midlands Wedding captured by Div Maritz Photography – One thing we are truly blessed with in this stunning country of ours is the beautiful venues we have dotted in and around South Africa’s countryside, coastal areas, majestic landscape vistas of the Great Karoo…hands down a massive drawcard for bridal couples from around the world; not to mention the lucky locals and photographers! For one such couple, the lure of the beautiful rolling hills
I always enjoy collaborations, and even more so when you have great team of professionals working together with the same creative mindset. Our idea was looking to shoot an alternative and different wedding than the norm and with these artists it wasn’t that difficult at all as their creative juices were flowing like the orange river in winter flood. Being the photographer on a job like this is always a treat as you are spoilt