Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to shoot a wedding?

Anything generally from 6 to 10 hours, depending on the size of the wedding, obviously elopements and very small weddings can be slightly different. Each wedding has a unique timeline which means not every wedding can be captured in the same amount of time. I have also shot weddings that have lasted days, so it all depends on your request.

Do you work with videographers on the day?

I do yes, and they are a fantastic addition to the day…so if you haven’t booked one yet let me know and I could help you find an experienced videographer. We are there to make sure your day runs smoothly and to capture great imagery. I like working with videographers that know my way of shooting as I do theirs.

Do you only shoot weddings?

No we also shoot corporate and commercial work during the week when I’m not shooting weddings. We cover a wide range of jobs from advertising material to product stills to real estate and design for Architect firms. If you have any queries, please feel free to send your job details and we will quote you on the work

Does the client have to rent any gear or premises for shoots?

We come with most of the equipment needed, but depending on the shoot demands or location, if any extra equipment is needed we will source the necessary equipment for the shoot. WE then quote the final production cost and communicate it to our clients before commencement of shoot. When it comes to studio work if you don’t have one inhouse we will organise the set up and lighting at your premises or advise on the studio premises for clientele.

Do you help-out with wedding timelines on our special day?

Of course, yes…time frames and planning are vital! I help with every decision on the day to make sure my logistics, travel time and shot selection are spot on when it comes to light and scenery, and most importantly the direction of the bridal party and what they need to do and when. This is important to me, and I’m always available to help at any time. I also keep in touch with the other service providers in regard to my planning.

Do you usually have a second shooter?

Yes, I make use of a second shooter at most of my local weddings to cover certain aspects and angles of the day, on destination weddings the second shooter will come at the request of the client and clients budget, size of the wedding and what package the client requests. Having a second shooter gives you an extra bang for your buck as you get a more extensive selection of shots. The second shooter also acts as a safeguard if anything has to happen to the primary photographer on the day.

Is it normal to book the photographer way in advance?

Yes, it’s very reasonable and I recommended it. The photographers, Make-up artists and Venues get booked out way in advance especially in the peak season periods of Oct – April. I take bookings up to a year in advance, and it’s quite common to be booked out six months before the season even starts. Winter months are generally easier to find last minute bookings. I would always suggest booking your photographer early to avoid the disappointment of not finding what you want later.

How long before we get our pictures?

I generally say a minimum of 3 weeks on a good turn around to a maximum of 3 months, especially in busy season, which is an industry norm. Editing is a very time-consuming aspect of photography, and it should be, as this is where we find the perfect imagery to tell your love story and give you the quality you deserve.

My brother / sister / cousin is a photographer, can they shoot in the background too?

I’m more than happy for guests to take photos during your special day, but unfortunately, I won’t allow another photographer to shoot the bridal couple when I’m shooting as it interferes with our timing and shot flow. You need to enjoy the shoot, and I need you to be focusing on me for the desired images to come out perfectly

Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes, I do! I offer beautiful and customised albums as a top up to any wedding package.

Do you travel?

Yes… I love it! I shoot both nationally and internationally, so travel is not a problem at all, and I am geared up for it. Please feel free to get hold of me for details regarding destination weddings.

How do we book you?

Easy! Fill in my contact form or send me an email at and we can take it from there