Man behind the lens

Since I was a young boy, the artistic challenge of being able to tell a story through an image has always intrigued me. The skill of timing and capturing the perfect moment makes my job an exciting challenge of storytelling.

I enjoy shooting in a photo-journalistic and documentary style but honestly, I don’t get too hung up on style, I prefer to let my images talk for themselves. I focus on capturing human emotion and feeling, with a specific eye for detail, which I believe is rarely seen in other photographers, especially wedding photographers. Every image must evoke a feeling, it must captivate you, if not I will not take it. Let the situation be as natural as possible and have let’s have fun in the moment.

Thankfully since 2001 I’ve had the very valuable opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented and respected creatives in the industry, who have all rubbed off on me in some way or the other come shoot time and helping shape the way I shoot my subjects today. I have assisted some of South Africa’s top photographers through the years as well as striking up strong collaborations with international lens men across the different genres of Photography which has made my transition into my own photography a confident one

As for experience, I have been blessed to shoot in destinations around South Africa such as the beautiful Natal Midlands, Durban, East London, Garden Route, Johannesburg, Cape town, Cape Winelands and Karoo. International destinations include weddings shot in Palma de Mallorca Spain, Toulouse South of France, Mauritius, Perth and Margaret river, Australia.

I have a very outgoing personality with a very mellow outlook on life. Shoots are kept relaxed and fun and to me that is the perfect recipe for natural imagery.