Dream Midlands Wedding – Pink Book Weddings

A Dream Midlands Wedding captured by Div Maritz Photography – One thing we are truly blessed with in this stunning country of ours is the beautiful venues we have dotted in and around South Africa’s countryside, coastal areas, majestic landscape vistas of the Great Karoo…hands down a massive drawcard for bridal couples from around the world; not to mention the lucky locals and photographers! For one such couple, the lure of the beautiful rolling hills of the Natal Midlands was a very strong one: so strong in fact, that they came all the way from the Bahamas in the British Virgin Islands to come to tie the knot… Karel and Jade-Lynn Du Toit chose the Orchards wedding Venue in Nottingham Road as their special place deep in the countryside, and they couldn’t have chosen a better spot for family and guests alike on their special day.

It matched the energy of the bridal couple perfectly, making for a very relaxed and happy bridal party which to me equates to great imagery, with natural and easy flowing moments to capture as a photographer. Perfect! The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids sure made taking pictures a breeze in the lovely countryside, and the groom and his groomsmen weren’t too far behind in enjoying the moment before they gave their best friend away. This is just the right energy I look for as a documentary photographer. The day just can’t be staged, it must be real for the moments to unfold comfortably. Capturing people in their natural state is what it’s all about. The images must always evoke a feeling when you see them, they need to captivate you. The day was a pure visual feast for me as a photographer, the surrounds, the stunning dress designed by Casey Jeanne, the unbelievable décor by Kerry’s flower and décor, and the Bridal make up by Lisa Bailey who is arguably one of the best in the industry. This wedding was one to remember!

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